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It Is our Business To Improve Emergency Response When Seconds Count

About 911GeoFence

At 911GeoFence we come to work every day because we want to create a safer future where technology and people work together seamlessly by connecting life-saving real-time data with 911 and first responders to save lives.

911GeoFence is the only all-encompassing platform to help emergency response teams better manage communication and connected-building controls related to an emergency. Our solution provides emergency notifications to dispatch, first responders and key building personnel seconds after a 911 emergency phone call is placed within a 911inform geofenced building location. Our software is activated, through PBX phone or smartphone, and provides an emergency notification to all required parties, as well as the exact location (within 3 meters of accuracy) of the emergency event location. We then hand the connected-building controls to dispatch and emergency response teams, allowing them to use the video surveillance feeds, voice control systems and door access capabilities related to the emergency, ensuring that they can arrive on scene as quickly as possible and be better prepared when they do.

911GeoFence is the only notification and security management platform that bridges the gap between first responders and your organization. 911GeoFence provides full situational awareness and communication across multiple platforms.
It's OUR business to keep YOUR 911 In Compliance and improve Emergency Response.
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