Pinpointing Origin Of Cellular 911 Calls...
Improving Emergency Response
When Every Second Counts
Providing situational awareness to Manufactured Home Communities personnel and an easy path to the specific unit for emergency services
Did You Know Cellular 911 Calls Originating from Your Manufactured Home Community Are NOT Traceable?
Emergency Responders CANNOT Easily or Quickly Locate Cellular Callers
Without A Remedy, Potential Injury, or Loss of Life Could Result In Negligent Liability

Current 911 via Cellular Challenges

The emergency response systems that exist today are outdated, lack interoperability, and do not solve the increasingly growing problem for emergency response teams; cellphone 911 calls. As much as 85% of all 911 calls today are made from cellphones and existing systems do not provide the necessary caller location data for first responders to effectively respond to the emergency.

The 911GeoFence Solution

911GeoFence™ is a location-based technology using the proprietary Next Generation 911inform Platform. When a 911 cellphone call originates from within our virtually defined geofence, automatic pinpoint accurate location information is provided to the 911 Call Center. Helping save lives and limiting liability.

As noted, over 85% of all 911 calls originate from a cellular device. Within a Manufactured Home Community (MHC) the percentage may be closer to 100%. If calls originate from within a geofenced property, an automatic alert is sent to the Manufactured Home Community (MHC) owner or designated personnel that a device has initiated said call. This applies to any cellular 911 call made from within the geofence from any smartphone cellular device.

Accessing of digital detailed maps of your MHC grounds and homes, every public area, private space, parking lot, indoors and outdoors, helps emergency responders make every second count. Once installed, the link between your key personnel and responders runs via a private gateway to the cloud and handles vital information even when electricity is cut, or your internet is disabled.

A 10-acre Manufactured Home Community can be 911GeoFenced for under $10.00 a day!
No equipment to purchase, no installation charge.

Geofence And Digital Map Overlay

With 911GeoFence, we establish an invisible canopy to encompass any large open space (multifamily communities) and provide first responders with the visual tools to save valuable time by quickly and accurately locating the 911 cellular caller.

The image to the right is an example of a Manufactured Home Community image overlay on top of Google Earth Maps.

Connecting Emergency Response Teams with Property
Our 911inform platform is the only notification and emergency management solution that provides police dispatch, first-responders, and key MHC personnel with the tools to effectively mitigate any emergency. This proprietary platform provides emergency response teams with the bi-directional communication and controls needed to successfully manage a crisis and save valuable time.

Value For Manufactured Home Community Owners

Limit Liability
"Negligent Security" claims against businesses are becoming more prevalent and the average losses higher. Anything MHC owners can do to make their property safer should help with lowering losses and improving resident well-being.
Advanced Emergency Response for Entire Manufactured Home Community
With 911GeoFence, the second someone dials 911 from a cellular phone from within your MHC, all required public emergency teams and your management personnel are immediately alerted and sent the exact location of the emergency caller, ensuring they get the help and assistance needed.
Increased Manufactured Home Community Management Visibility:
MHC personnel are often the last to know that an emergency has occurred on the premises. Providing immediate notification to MHC personnel with the specific location of the emergency can help mitigate outcomes.

911GeoFence Signage

This notice displayed on MHC property, informs residents that their safety and well-being is important to MHC management. The image to the right is an example of 911GeoFence signage that can be placed on property.

911GeoFence LLC is an authorized reseller of 911inform notification and security management platform products. Services are provided to our clients under the brand 911GeoFence™ in compliance with 911inform LLC licensing requirements.
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