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How Does 911 Geofence Work?

911 Geofence is a location-based service using the 911inform platform. When a mobile phone calls 911 from their native dialer within a virtual boundary set up around a geographical location, known as a geofence accurate location information is provided to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

Using digital detailed maps of your grounds and building, including GPS based geofencing of every public area, private space, or parking lot indoors and outdoors. Then 911informs's proprietary software integrates with your phone system, door access system, video surveillance, strobe lights, gunshot detection and facial recognition systems. Once it is installed the link between your facility and responders runs via a private gateway to the cloud and handles vital information even when electricity is cut or your internet is disabled.

You pay an annual subscription fee and data-sharing and control features are free to all emergency responders.

Why 911 GeoFence?

Pinpoint Call
Pinpoint location of an emergency call's origin while simultaneously notifying local authorities.
Detailed Maps & Visuals
Instantaneously access detailed maps and visuals of your premises and instantly notify key on-site personnel.
Connected-Building Controls
Control any on-site building security systems including doors, lights and security camera's.
The National Emergency Number Association reports that out the 240,000,000 million calls to 911 each year, 80% of those originate from wireless devices. Even with a solution that is capturing IoT (internet of Things) events, panic buttons, and 911 calls from enterprise communications systems, your addressing 15% of where these calls could be coming from.

Geofence Alerts provides the detection of 911 calls made from cellular devices inside your defined geofence boundry and allows 911inform to alert the appropriate property personnel or security with accurate location information. No software downloads for iOS and Android devices. RapidSOS provides the device-based location information to RapidSoS partners like 911Inform.

RapidSoS enabled ECC/PSAPs currently cover 92% of the US population. RapidSoS also bridges Enterprise and Public Safety networks on a common pane of glass providing a platform for connected buildings.
Once your property is geofenced the map lives in the cellular network and image overlay of buildings in Google Earth can be provided. There are some examples to the right including a police officer notification.
Caller Location Identification
When placing a 911 call via a cellular device within a 911inform geofenced area, it'll generate an emergency notification within the 911inform software and sends it to all users. After the emergency is initiated, you will receive accurate location information paired with an interactive geo-mapped building floor plan overlaid onto Google Earth. This enables the emergency response team to locate and arrive at the emergency as quickly and safely as possible.

911inform is partnered with RapidSOS by integrating into the RapidSOS Clearinghouse. RapidSOS is being utilized by 90% of 911 centers for the U.S. population and growing each day. Partnering with smartphone manufacturers and other IoT companies, we can pass fast and accurate location information with additional data to emergency call centers and first responders. RapidSOS is FREE for public safety agencies and integrates into their existing software within a 911 center – including CAD, CPE, Map, and RapidSOS portal.
Notifications In Police Vehicle
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